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NOVA CONSULTING provides accurate, comprehensive marketing research and assists in strategic planning to ensure your business success.  You may choose one of the following packages that best meet your objectives.

Introductory Market Entry Research
This package is designed to provide Japanese market information before you make a large investment.

• Market information includes:
• Potential market, its size and growth trends
• Competition
• Associated import duties and domestic taxes
• Relevant laws and regulations
• Other relevant information particular to your industry, product or service

Time frame:  Approximately four to six weeks

Identification of Potential Partners
This package provides information about your potential partners...At your request, we will set up meetings with your potential partners, provide administrative and legal services to establish business relations with potential partners. This package includes:

• A list of potential partners such as importers, distributors and licensees
• Company profile of the potential partners
• Setting up meetings with the potential partners if you wish
• Administrative and legal services to conclude an agreement with your potential partner at your request

Time frame:..Approximately four to eight weeks to provide a list of potential partners
The period of time required to set up meetings varies depending on the availability of the parties concerned.

Customized Marketing Research
This package provides you with comprehensive research and an analysis of the Japanese market on which you will be able to formulate your strategic market entry plans...The research and analysis will be designed to meet your specific objectives.

Strategic Marketing Planning and Implementation
This package is for a company who has already committed itself to the Japanese market or has already decided to enter the market...This includes customized marketing research, formulation of marketing plans and assistance in implementing the plans.

    We guarantee absolute confidentiality.